We have reimagined
career transition.

Choose your own adventure.
Navigate best in class individual, group & digital experiences.

Fearlessly authentic and commited to creating value for a better today, better tomorrow, better future.

Real-time mastery, the future & your work-life strategy.

In a crowded virtualised job market, our community stands out from the crowd.

Innovating for the future: our community is Future Ready.

Cloud-based real-time data for continuous insight, innovation & predictive analytics.

Delivering a fully integrated, future ready workforce transformation experience.

About APA

Audrey Page & Associates (APA) delivers a fully integrated, future ready workforce transformation experience.

We provide solutions designed to:

career pathways

cultivate meaningful employee transition pathways

maximise retention

maximise the retention and future employability of your workforce to meet the demands of the changing economy

future of work

proactively manage the realignment of your workforce to shape the future of work

innovation framework

build an agile and dynamic framework for driving change and innovation

Committed to innovation

We have innovated next-level, stand-out individual, group and digital experiences for both our participant and client communities.

A global network

APA is part of an international partnership with Career Partners International, the world’s largest high-care, high-touch career management group with partners in 45 countries, across 150 cities.

We are located nationally, with CBD office locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

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