Because everyone’s
journey is different

Guiding you along your
unique career path

We help organisations and their people navigate and thrive in the evolving world of work.

Audrey Page & Associates (APA) is Australia’s leading wholly owned and operated career transition and career management services organisation.

At APA we believe everyone’s journey is different…

For over 20 years, APA has helped organisations and their people navigate and thrive in the constantly changing world of work.

Our high level of human touch and care provides a humanised career transition experience that has, and always will, differentiate our service to our clients and their employees.

Our continuous investment in user-friendly technology and agile work practices ensures we can scale our solutions to meet our customers’ needs while delivering a superior client and participant experience without compromising quality.

APA Career Services

Career Transition

APA’s Career Transition Programs assist participants to explore and navigate through the complexity of the job market and achieve their career goals.

Workforce Transformation

A wide range of programs, workshops and seminars designed to help employees take control of their own career journey, at any stage.

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We are located nationally, with CBD office locations in:
Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth