5 Survival Tips For When You’re In-Between Jobs

by | March 2020


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There are many ways a company can tell you that your job has been terminated. ‘let go’, ‘laid off’, ‘re-structure’, ‘downsized’… but they all mean the same thing. Your role is no longer needed in their organisation, and you now need to leave. Here are 5 Survival Tips For When You're In-Between Jobs.

You’ll get people in your life say, “In a few months, you’ll realise it’s the best thing that could ever have happened to you.” Or, your colleagues will pout, “Lucky you. Wish I could get out of here.” Even your friends might say, “Now you can do what really makes you happy and have fun again”. Sure, in theory it all sounds great, and in the long run may prove to be accurate. However, while you’re in the midst of transition—from the moment you turn in your security card to the day you find a new gig—it’s easy to forget your self-worth and what great things you have to offer your next employer.

To support you with your transition, and perhaps even enjoy the process, APA have constructed five tips to help give you some perspective and get you out of the in-between space.

  1. Realise it’s not about you.

Sometimes, we play the blame and complain game. Let’s be frank, knock it off. Look around you, others in your former company and even other organisations are going through the same or a similar thing. If you take a moment to observe, you will realise you’re in great company.

Take the time to acknowledge that it’s not you, it’s them. Sales projections weren’t hit? Executives are in chaos? There’s a lack of strategy? Whatever the case is, you may not ever know the real reason either, however, what you can take faith in is knowing that it’s highly probable that it had very little – if anything at all - to do with you as a person/employee.

  1. Stop Suffering in Silence

You may be feeling all sorts of emotions at this point of your transition, which is completely normal. It is a part of human nature. You may be feeling embarrassed, hurt, worried, angry even? Even though you’re not the first to go through this, do you feel like you’re fearful to communicate with anyone how you’re feeling?

There’s sentiment in keeping a brave face and putting your best face forward. We’ve all heard the saying “fake it, till you make it”- however, what if you didn’t have to suffer in silence? Sometimes getting an outside perspective on a situation is worth it. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to friends, or family, you can reach out to a counsellor or contact Beyond Blue, Lifeline or Anglicare. You might want to check with the former employer if you can have access to their EAP services.

  1. Do Something

Have you ever wanted to be that person that got up at 5am just to do yoga, or go for a walk? Now is the time. Gather up all the books you have been wanting to read and start from the beginning. Volunteer for an organisation that holds interest for you. Start writing a blog. Do something! Here’s why – do something outside of you. Get out of your head and your job search and start engaging with others and appreciating the beauty and experiences that are all around you. You’ll be surprised what it can do for your employment status, not to mention your soul.

  1. Who are you, really?

I know, you are undoubtedly ready to sit down and apply for every job posting on the Internet. But before you hang that “Will Work for Food” place card around your neck, ask yourself: Who are you, really? What is your value proposition?

Sometimes, doors close on us because it’s the only way to get us to stop doing what we weren’t meant to do and redirect us onto another path. Taking the time to think about who you are, what your own unique skills are, and how you can best apply them is one of the fastest ways to find out what your next chapter will be or even so your next chapter finds you.


  1. This Too, Shall Pass

What was the happiest day of your life? Ponder on it for a minute. Relish in that moment.

Remember how happy you were? Sometimes we believe that feeling is going to last forever – but we all know too well, it doesn’t. But that’s ok! Keep in mind, you’re going through a transition. The most important thing is to take care of yourself. Doing so will help give you an objective perspective on the situation and will make the in-between moments exceedingly more tolerable. Until, of course, your next opportunity comes knocking. Which it will.

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Written by: Loren Bousfield