APA Academy.
An Industry First.


APA Coaches stand out from the crowd.

Every coach is accredited in the APA Academy which is 100% correlated to the competency framework of the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA).

Raising the Bar.

APA is the first career management provider in Australia to correlate career coaching and career management competencies to the Career Institute Council of Australia (CICA) Competency Framework.

The APA Academy was born in the spirit of enriching our participant experience, of which, our consultant experience is at the heart of.

The APA Academy lays the foundation for strong best-in class delivery & a second-to none participant experience.

Our Coaches

Stand Out

from the crowd.

We are design thinkers
We tailor our coaching and transition experience to individual needs, always.
We build insight & move our participants to action.
We continually evolve and upgrade our skills.

Our APA Academy fosters a culture of excellence in career management, whereby coaches develop their mastery of:

Best-practice coaching methodology
Best-practice coaching methodology
Real-time future of work & world of work developments
Real-time future of work & world of work developments
Digital platforms
Digital platforms
Innovative job search strategies
Innovative job search strategies
Active learning principles
Active learning principles

Individual learning and accreditation pathways are mapped out for every employee, coach, and delivery consultant. Every module of the APA Academy is corelated to The Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) Competency Framework.

Verifiable Digital Badges

The skills of APA coaches, delivery consultants and staff are verified and recognised by way of Digital Badges. Each digital badge is aligned to the APA Academy & CICA Competencies.

Career Coach Master
Career Management Ambassador
Future Ready Pathway Coach
Group Coach Expert

Digital Badges also extend to our participant community. Every participant who actively engages throughout their High Care, Smart Tech or Bundle Program receives a verifiable APA Future Ready digital badge.

Future Ready

Our Community Are

future ready