APA partners with Macquarie University. Finding new solutions for new challenges.

by | May 2017


Audrey Page & Associates (APA) has established a formal research partnership with Macquarie University to further explore Career Transition and the Changing Workplace.  As part of this alliance APA is sponsoring the Master of Organisational Psychology Scholarship.  The successful 2017 recipient, just announced, is Linzi Tawfik – a Provisional Psychologist that specialises in leadership learning and organisational capability.

Continuous improvement is a core value at APA and part of its history – questioning the status quo and finding new solutions.  Its founder, Audrey Page, became the pioneer of career transition in Australia during the early 1980s.  She recognised what support and guidance people moving out of companies needed to succeed, worked with consulting firms and designed an appropriate solution.  APA has evolved since that time building a professional team and enhancing the company's service portfolio, client list and technology platforms.

Macquarie University prides itself on a tradition of discovery.  As one of Australia’s leading research universities it strives to bring together the best minds in industry, research and academia.  Many of its research findings have addressed significant global issues.

“We feel honoured to be collaborating with Macquarie University,” said Dr Penelope Faure, Director of APA Executive.  “The University provides a collaborative and collegiate environment that is ideal for innovation.”

APA is committed to offering evidence-based solutions and conducts relevant research to ensure their programs and support are of proven value and effectiveness.  Their partnership with Macquarie University is an endeavour to take their applied research to the next level by exploring emerging trends in the world of work.  A current and important issue, which if explored can potentially benefit many Australian companies and their people.  Numerous companies are navigating through major transformations in evolving industries that are subject to market conditions.

"In my current role as a Leadership Learning and Development Professional I have been able to support employees through significant upheaval in the organisation," said Tawfik, the recipient of the 2017 APA scholarship.  “I am keen to understand and implement the most appropriate solutions for our people and the organisation overall.  I believe it is crucial to use methods that are based on solid evidence backed by reliable research, which has led me to studying the Master of Organisational Psychology at Macquarie.”

Through the scholarship Tawfik will receive financial assistance and practical placement with APA under the supervision of one of its Directors and Organisational Psychologists Dr Penelope Faure.  “I’m excited to gain experience in my area of interest working with one of the most respected career management organisations in Australia,” said Tawfik.

“The world of work is our business –what areas are growing and contracting, what skills are in demand, what is the impact of changes in technology, demographics and government policies,” said Faure.  “As companies evolve in line with market demands it changes the type of workforce they need to thrive.  With our support our clients can anticipate and prepare for the roles that are likely to be impacted; and discover, protect and utilise any untapped resources within their workforce.  It is for these reasons that we will conduct ongoing research into the future of work.”

Keep an eye on the APA website to read more about their research findings into the future of work.

For further information regarding the research partnership or the Master of Organisational Psychology Scholarship please contact Dr Penelope Faure, Director APA Executive -  penelope.faure@apage.com.au