Career Transition

Because everybody’s journey is different

Organisations have a duty of care to ensure impacted employees have the right support, at the right time to successfully transition to a new career with a new employer.

APA’s Career Transition Programs assist participants to explore and navigate through the complexity of the job market and to achieve their career goals.

All our programs are tailored to the specific needs of each participant.

We offer a blended approach for all including; face to face time with a dedicated Career Consultant, access to a range of job search tools and resources, the right mix of technology and support from the APA community.

Our Career Transition Programs can be delivered onsite or at APA’s facilities nationwide in group workshops, or face to face coaching on a short-term basis or a more extensive, in depth approach depending on each participant’s situation and needs.

Program Inclusions

Working one on one with an experienced and dedicated Career Consultant participants will have the opportunity to explore and understand their career to date, career opportunities, and define their ideal career future. In addition, participants will have access to a wide range of seminars, workshops and resources, and full use of our office facilities*.

*Only available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

No Cost

APA program participants do not have to pay to participate in their program. Today most organisations have adopted a HR policy that ensures they look after their employees’ wellbeing, welfare and career prospects following a role redundancy.


A comprehensive range of resources in various formats will be provided to you to cover many aspects of your job search. The APA Online Participant Portal provides participants with access to all our research, a range of job search and organisational tools available anywhere, anytime.

Practical Tools

APA will assist participants to build a toolkit to help them navigate the employment market. These tools include a current and targeted resume, core interview skills and a job search plan. Career Planning Working with a dedicated Career Consultant the participant will explore all their career options, in depth. Whether they be short, medium or longer-term career goals. We will also help participants to develop the techniques and strategies to empower them to take control of their own career.

Tailored & Flexible

We are committed to ensuring our Career Transition Programs are highly personalised to meet the individual needs of each participant; providing support in many formats including, face to face, email and online. Our objective is to ensure we help each participant navigate and thrive on their career transition journey, to ensure they land that next role or make the right career move that is not just for the now but also for their future.

I had been out of the market place for 21 years and had no idea how the world of employment had changed. The program guided me through the process that I need to apply when searching for a new position. I am so grateful for all I learnt on the program and my one on one time with my consultant that I landed a job in a different industry, that I love.


Aviation Industry

Participant Benefits

On completion of an APA Career Transition Program, participants will be able to


Identify key transferable skills


Explore and clarify future options based on individual circumstances


Identify skills gaps and development needs


Implement practical ways to activate their job search plan


Be equipped with the right tools and skills required to achieve their career goals.

Start your career transition journey today