Support, advocacy & skilling redeployees

APA partners with organisations to work closely with their Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and Line Management to provide support, advocacy and skilling for redeployees. Participants are quickly focused on the internal job market, crafting resumes to match their target roles, networking and interview skilling to ensure the greatest chance at redeployment.

Our programs are tailored to speak the organisation’s language, leverage their systems, technologies, networks and processes; incorporate their people capabilities as per performance measurements, establish ease of navigation of the organisation and demonstrate true partnership which results in creating a more familiar and less threatening environment for the employee during transition. Our delivery methods diversify to meet the Client’s environment. We can provide a blend of face to face, phone, Skype, online and video conferencing.

Additionally, APA can offer a range of career management programs to meet the requirements of other non-redundancy impacted career transitions in the career lifecycle such as those transitioning to retirement, expatriation, parental leave and career coaching.

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