Executive Services

Executives are used to developing and executing strategy, being the architects of change and driving the organisational agenda. With organisational transformations or a role redundancy they often find they have little or no control of the situation.

APA’s Executive Programs are strongly evidenced based and solution focused and address the specific needs of senior executives. With a qualified and experienced Executive Consultant the Executive is able to build confidence and capability around designing their career strategies, connecting and collaborating with diverse networks, and building credibility in the market. They will be able to build a compelling view of their future with strong alignment to their aspirations.

Evidence, feedback and our experience shows that the best outcomes are gained from a tailored, personal and focused approach taking into the account the specific needs of every individual. A dedicated Executive Consultant will work with each Executive for the duration of their program.

APA offers three programs for the Executive level

APA Executive
6 months

APA Executive
12 months

APA Executive
12 months +

Each program provides Executive participants an in-depth, personalised coaching from a dedicated Executive Consultant who will assist the Executive in building confidence and capability around designing career strategies, connecting and collaborating with diverse networks and building credibility in the market.

The one on one Executive Coaching is further supplemented and enhanced by access to a wide range of additional resources including; a private office in a prime CBD location, experts in the realm of financial advice, Board assessment and advice, coaching in Executive presence and introductions to top tier search firms to list but a few.

I was able to walk away from working with my Executive Consultant with a refreshed perspective of my future. My consultant guided me through my career to date and enabled me to have more clarity on possible opportunities that I would not have considered. Whilst I was shocked at losing my job it was a blessing in disguise to have the chance to come on this program and realign my personal and career objectives. I highly recommend all executives be given the opportunity to do the program, it really puts your life into perspective.

Executive Director

Professional Services Industry

Participant Benefits


With a renewed perspective executives can build a compelling view, gain greater insight and clarity around their career and future direction.


Have the confidence and capability to reinvigorate their career strategy.


Executives are equipped with the right tools and skills to build credibility in the market.


A tailored and effective one on one approach to add momentum and activate the Executives’ future career plan.

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