With the right technology offered, our high level of human touch & care has, & always will, differentiate our service

Our Approach

During significant organisational change, particularly those that involve redundancies, it’s important to recognise that people react and manage change in different ways. Some employees have clarity on what they want to do next, and others take the opportunity to make a career change.

For some it’s a chance to reflect and reconsider where to next. Whilst others have a negative outlook, especially longer-term employees and those who are experiencing personal challenges within their lives. Impacted employees often feel daunted by the fact their roles have been made redundant, but at APA we operate within a positive mindset. We view setbacks as opportunities for people to find new ways to thrive within the evolving world of work.

We offer a blended approach in our programs including; face to face time with a dedicated Career Consultant, access to a range of job search tools and resources, the right mix of technology and support from the APA community.

Our high level of human touch and care has, and always will, differentiate our service offering.

We also recognise that technology plays an important role in supporting both our clients and our participants. We provide access to an online platform that complements our service offering, where it is easy to find more information of what clients and participants need, when they need it.

At APA we know that everyone’s journey is different…

Our Growth Values are specific behaviours APA employees and leaders adopt and cultivate to ensure the long-term success of our organisation.


The quality of mind and spirit that enables you to face difficulty and make decisions without fear.


The desire to question and explore everything to learn and apply new things of value.


The ability to think and draw conclusions quickly and act upon them decisively.


The ability to use your knowledge, insights and imagination to see the intersection of unrelated ideas and combine them into something new and meaningful.

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