Participant’s Journey

Regardless of the size or complexity of the change project within an organisation, we have the depth and breadth of experience and knowledge, the flexibility and scalability to help organisations manage and minimise the risks caused by change.

Our high level of human touch and care has, and always will, differentiate our career transition service offering. With the experience and support from their dedicated Career Consultant our participants discover the right career path and are then guided to move along that path.

We get to know each participant, taking the time to identify what drives and inspires them. Through this process they can define what this new chapter in their work life may look like. We provide expert guidance, genuine care and support to manage change positively.

During a participant’s journey they build their confidence and capabilities and are equipped with the right tools and skills as well as the technology that helps them to find their next role and ensure future career success.

We encourage participants to think creatively and aspire to bigger and better things.

APA’s Career Transition Journey for a participant typically includes five stages Explore, Define, Develop, Activate and Succeed.


of participants were more than satisfied with their APA program


or participants rated their one-on-one consultant sessions as ‘EXCELLENT’


Landed a new role via their professional or social network


of participants changed industries when they landed their new role


months or less is the average time it takes an APA participant to land their next role

In May 2018, my role was made redundant from a large financial institution and after 17 years, I left the organisation with mixed emotions. I was scared, disappointed, detached and lacked in confidence. Overall, I was an emotional wreck.

My first meeting with my APA consultant lasted 45 minutes longer than expected but it was just what I needed to establish trust. My consultant listened to me and showed genuine care and empathy with her own unique sense of humour. I was provided with the tools required and supported and cared for, to regain my confidence in relaunching v2.0 of myself.

My consultant’s attention to detail and perfectionism resulted in revising my resume 27 times in 3 weeks. Although it was hard and labour intensive, at the end of it I was able to reflect on my achievements boosting my confidence levels. During the “LinkedIn 1” workshop, another APA Consultant provided his feedback, which resulted in the 28th version of my resume. I felt confident, perfect and realised that I indeed have the BEST chance of securing any role! The feedback I received on my resume was nothing short of outstanding. Comments such as “excellent diverse skillset well put together in 3 pages” and “clear and concise”. Thanks to the APA consultants who were so generous in their help and guidance.

My overall experience with Audrey Page & Associates was nothing short of incredible. It was a pleasure to deal with the Consultants and they really are caring, supportive and welcoming.

Over the 3 months of my CT program everyone at APA made me feel right at home; comfortable and safe. The APA teams’ friendly chats and their ability to spare 2 minutes to provide valuable advice was truly remarkable. I am so glad to have taken up the CT program I was offered.

I have learnt so much throughout my program, met an amazing group of people at APA and have landed a new role as an Account Director that starts the next step of my career journey, it was so hard to say goodbye.

Stephen Thevaseelan

APA Career Transition Participant

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