Robotics, AI and the real future of work

by | May 2018

APA Future of Work Breakfast Series

The facts behind the hype of the 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us. Whilst the media hype talks of “robots taking our jobs”, the truth of how organisations will need to respond to the impact of automation, artificial intelligence and augmentation of the workforce, is very different.

Our Future of Work Series guest speaker for this topic was Greg Miller, Executive Director of Faethm, the predictive analytics platform. Faethm applies world-leading R&D and proprietary analytics to show how technological disruption will create value in the future organisation.

During this session Greg, who has held numerous global technology leadership roles at SAP, PeopleSoft, Unisys and Oracle shared insights into how the myriad of reports and publications defining the problem translate into actions individuals, industry and governments can take to prepare for and benefit from the automation opportunity.

Greg also discussed in detail:

  • Why such divergent views of this problem?
  • What actions can any organisation take to benefit from this future?
  • Who’s at real risk of Automation from Emerging Technologies?
  • What’s the most likely impact of automation and AI on the job landscape in ten years-time?