Career Management Services

Empowering employees to shape their future career

Today’s employees are increasingly choosing whether to join or leave a company based on the career development and advancement opportunities they offer, above salary expectations. With the ongoing war for talent, it is critical for organisations to retain high performing and high potential employees.

The continuing decline in the national average job tenure (3 years and 4 months), suggests many organisations are not doing enough to engage, motivate and grow their employees. Organisations that prioritise career development experience faster growth, higher profit margins, and deeper levels of employee engagement. Those that don’t, often find employees are unable to grow or adapt to their changing roles and this impacts overall employee engagement and productivity. This can lead to increased turnover (including high performers) and the inability to attract top talent.

APA’s Career Management Services offer a wide range of programs and workshops designed to help employees take control of their own career journey.

There will be employees who need to reinvigorate their career strategy. Some will want to retain career momentum and actively manage their career plans. Whilst others realise they need to explore and realign their career and life direction. A balance of workshops, seminars and one on one coaching with a highly qualified and experienced career consultants are offered to help employees become more focused, motivated and productive. As a result of completing our program they will have a better understanding of their own strengths, limitations and interests empowering them to make smarter career choices.

Career Audit

An individual program that engages employees to take a wholistic life view. It guides the participant through a series of structured exercises and creative processes, building insight and clarity around their career goals and future direction. As a result participants will be equipped to instigate both strategic and tactical dialogues within the organisation which enable them to actively self-manage their career.

Career Explorer

A group-based program tailored to the organisational goals and values. It supports employees to take responsibility for career management, career decision making and development, it encourages informal networks and mentoring. The program typically involves 3 workshop sessions with individual coaching sessions following each, enabling and reinforcing the learning.


MarketConnect goes beyond the typical job ‘concierge’ and matching technologies. It provides participants with ‘connections’ to an entire market of opportunities including; other career options, specialist recruiters and APA networks that focus on the participants’ transferable skills.

Parents with Careers

Delivered one on one and/or in groups, this program supports employees before, during and on return from parental leave. It helps them take charge of their future and have a clear view of their career direction. It also supports a smooth and effective transition back to work after a period of parental leave, ensuring productivity and efficiency levels are maintained within the role.

Approaching Retirement

For individuals considering their future which may include beyond employment. It supports employees in a manner that is timely, cost effective and socially responsible. It is tailored to the individual’s requirements and explores future work options, developing satisfying interests, building enduring social relationships, continued learning and growth, financial planning and healthy ageing.

Expatriate Careers

Creates a successful partnership of career development and talent retention, during and following an international assignment. From engagement to completion, this program ensures optimal career outcomes for the participant and maximises an organisation’s investment and full engagement with this important talent pool.

The Career Audit program allowed me to clarify and articulate the key characteristics I wanted my next role to involve. It was a great opportunity to re-position myself and I was able to identify my transferrable skillset. My Consultant provided honest advice and I was able to discuss my potential new directions and strategies. Throughout my program I was given a lot of support, guidance and reassurance that I appreciated.


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Participant Benefits


The collaborative and information rich nature of the programs help participants to gain greater insight and clarity around their career and future direction.


Empowers participants take on a renewed perspective and reinvigorate their career strategy.


Helps them identify skills gaps and development needs.


Participants are equipped with the right tools and skills required to achieve their career goals.


A tailored and effective approach to add momentum and activate the participant’s job search plan to allow them to transition seamlessly and successfully to their next career move.