Expatriate Careers

An international assignment can be a valuable and positive experience for both an employee and the organisation. It is an effective way of advancing a talented employee’s career, skill set and expertise whilst building organisational capability in key areas.

With this experience some employees may experience difficulties such as isolation from their network whilst on their overseas assignment. With a lack of support, including from their organisation reintegration may be a challenging and complex exercise.

The Expatriate Careers Program creates a successful partnership of career development and talent retention, during and following an international assignment. From engagement to completion, this program ensures optimal career outcomes for the participant and maximises an organisation’s investment and full engagement with this important talent pool.

This program is more than just creating a short-term plan for relocation. Participants develop an in-depth understanding of themselves and empowers them to take charge of their future. Equally important, it helps them to ensure a smooth and effective transition into a new role.